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About TeamScape LLC

TeamScape LLC is a small company founded in 2016 to perform cutting-edge research on teams in aerospace operations.


We are on the frontier of unprecedented space exploration.  Technology from NASA and its industrial partners will enable long-duration exploration missions and eventually manned missions to Mars.  Even when the space flight technology is sophisticated, reliable, and capable, the success of manned missions relies heavily on the humans involved in the mission - the humans in space, the humans on the ground and the quality of interaction between these two sides of the multi-team system.  

Journey to Mars.jpg

The founder's experience and expertise make TeamScape LLC a top resource for successful collaborations and research products on teamwork and communication in space.  Currently, TeamScape LLC is collaborating with researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology and Cognitive Analytics and Measures to examine implications of space crew autonomy during long duration missions.   

TeamScape LLC is also partnering with a UK firm, Braided Communications Limited.  Together we plan to test Braiding, a novel communication tool, as a technological countermeasure to the problems inherent in time-delayed communications. 

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